Friday, February 27, 2009

new event

We are so popular! We've just been asked to perform at the Education Department's "Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader?" event on Wednesday, March 25th. Add this to your calendars!! :)

Also, get ready for tomorrow night! As you know, we will have our first social event at Megan and Jenna's house in forest hills. Be there or be square!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Canned Goods

Don't forget: Canned goods are due at the LATEST by Friday to Claire!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Job Opportunity!! Make that moneyyy

Looking for a job? Sunnyside Retirement Community is asking for our help!

They are looking for one person to teach a dance class to some of the employee's children, ages 3-5. You would teach one class per week (for 5 or 6 weeks) and you would get $30 per child that participates. [basically, if there are 7 kids in the class, you would get $210 for the full six weeks (or however many weeks it is)]

This seems good for someone who needs a job, but can't really commit more than one day. And let's be honest- it's 3-5 year olds, so how much do you really have to prepare?? :) Also- the retirement community is right down 33 towards Massanutten- so it's fairly close- I'd say about a 10-15 minute drive from us.

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP! I will give you the proper contact information/details from there.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Additional Performances

Current number of girls I have received word of interest in choreographing/participating in additional performances:

4 (and hopefully counting)

Just thought you'd all like to know...

2nd-annual Welcome Night next week

We are currently planning our 2nd-annual Welcome Night for next weekend at Megan and Jenna's house in Forest Hills (Feb 28th)! We hope you all can come!

Get excited! If any of you have any ideas/suggestions for activities throughout the semester, email me or Megan (hayesmd).

Have a great week, ladies!! :)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

get out your calendars! new performance!

Hi All!

Just wanted to inform you that some groups will be performing at the Sophomore class' Ring Premiere on March 31st! Please add this to your calendars. The ring premieres are always a great venue to showcase what we've got to an entirely new audience that has never seen us perform before. Hope to see you all there :)

--Rach <3

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Treasurer Duties

Ok, so if you are interested in being treasurer here is all the info you might need. If you are a reasonably organized person then this is your job. If you are unorganized, scatter brained or can't manage your own money... you may want to look into another position. Being treasurer requires a lot of attention to detail because you are working with money...that is not yours. It is not very hard, once you get the hang of things, but is VERY time consuming. Here are some things you should expect to do:

- develop a plan and tentative budget with the rest of EXEC that you think will cover needs of the team for semester (i.e. costume needs, misc. needs, etc)

-fine tune the budget so that your expenses and approximate expenditures are all laid out for yourself and the rest of exec to refer to throughout the semester

- collect and keep track of dues... this includes depositing all money to bank, keeping track of who paid and tracking those down who didn't pay

-submit budgets to UREC on a monthly basis outlining expenditures of that month

- fill out forms for UREC regarding money requests from UREC account (lots of forms!)

- help heads obtain costumes by giving them a certain amount of money to work with and then submit their forms to UREC for purchase or go shopping with them using the Wachovia account

-run lots of errands gathering misc. items that are needed for team... this especially happens during the beginning and end of each semester when little things are needed

-work with Derek at SOS to design uniforms and team apparel... you design items with him, order them, pay him and pick up the merchandise

-keep track of the debit cards linked to the Wachovia account... treasurer and president are the only two people on exec authorized on the account


This may seem like a lot, but it is manageable. It is just like having another checking account of your own to keep track of. This job involves a lot of behind the scenes work, but is still just as demanding and important as the rest of exec. I really enjoyed my position this year!! I will be here next year and will gladly help whoever comes next. Being on exec is a great way to get more involved with the team and if you are interested you should go for it!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Secretary/Marketing Chair Duties

- advertise tryouts and end of semester performance with flyers, facebook, table tents, JMU student gateway and any other means possible within JMU community (Chair of Marketing Committee)

- coordinate advertising efforts with Marketing Committee

- make copies of MDC forms for tryouts and the roster each semester

- design handouts and copy sign-up sheets used at Student Org Night each semester

- design advertisements, flyers and program for performances

- record minutes at the MDC exec meetings

- preferably have some design experience or knowledge of design programs, and as of now, I've been working with Rachel on the website, and this new endeavor -- the BLOG :)

It's a great position, but just comes into full swing at the beginning and towards the end of each semester. If you aren't a good planner and aren't organized, this position isn't for you! But I'm sure any of you would be able to do well in this position, it just takes some time to get used to the swing of things. I've had this position for a few years, and still am learning new and better ways to do things! Anyway, run for secretary!! ;)

Vice Presidential Duties

If you are thinking about running for vice president, I suggest you read the following to understand what you will be responsible for and what will be expected of you if you are elected into the position. There are several responsibilities, but I have honestly enjoyed my position and my involvement in MDC. Running for any position will require a time commitment, but if you love the club and want to be involved I really recommend it.

Some of the VP responsibilities include:

-Interacting with, consulting with, and helping all other exec members regarding team projects, events, and decisions.

-Keeping a record of all team events and member participation, then recording that information and sending it to UREC staff monthly

-Coordinating all community service events for team. this involves:
-finding community service opportunities
-contacting community service organizations and scheduling events
-communicating about events to team members
-keeping track of what events are completed and who they are completed by
-sending records of community service to urec, writing a short summary of events at end of semester

-Bringing food drive items (from the recital) to the salvation army/goodwill

-Attending meetings with UREC, filling in for Rachel if she can't

-Meeting with other exec members

meeting follow-up

Hi Everyone!

Man this blog is going to be just great! :) 

Just wanted to remind you all that elections for next year will be in about a month or so! The reason why we are doing this so early compared to previous semesters is because we realized the need for "training," and by electing the new exec board early on, they will be able to become more acclimated to the role. We decided this would be more efficient rather than just "throwing you to the dogs" and leaving you all on your own next year. :)  

Here are the positions that will be available:

  • represents MDC at all times in a positive manner
  • acts as liaison between MDC and UREC
  • goes to President's meetings at UREC once a month, work with Chris Jones (urec) 
  • schedules/holds (monthly) meetings for exec and whole team when needed
  • works with exec to sustain MDC's success and make improvements when necessary
  • is a resource to team members who need guidance/advice/someone to talk to
  • is open to the team's suggestions/concerns
  • is the contact person for outside/non-MDC people who have questions about membership or want to schedule us for performances
  • makes sure head choreographers are on schedule and practices are running smoothly
  • truly loves MDC and values the team's success and reputation
***sidenote: I will be here next year as a Grad student.  Although I will not be on exec, as my educational commitments will outweigh presidential duties, I will still be around/a member of MDC as a resource to the new President/Exec board.  I plan on being here to help you all make the transition!  

****also, for the record, I honestly wasn't entirely sure I would be suitable for this job. It is definitely a significant time commitment, but with a supportive exec board (like I am lucky to have this year) my job is INFINITELY easier than you would think.  I rarely see myself as the "head honcho" or think of myself as being any higher than my peers. Exec and I work together and make most decisions collectively.  I constantly call Claire, Renee or Court with questions or advice they might have, so it's definitely not a one-woman show!! 

Back to the point of this post, the other positions available are:

MARKETING CHAIR(S) -- we had 2 this year, and will probably keep the same amount
WEBMASTER- we do not have one of these currently, but are desperately seeking someone!!

*the current exec board will post separately to give you a run-down of their duties/opinions themselves. :) 

If you have ANY questions about any of the positions, or if you are interested in running for anything, please let me know!  

ALSO- If you are interested in participating in the potential additional dances for the show, please let me know: 
  1. who you plan on working with/who is choreographing
  2. what type of dance
  3. song choice
Again, adding dances to the show is not set in stone, but depending on how interested you all are, exec will decide how to go about selecting, etc. 

Thanks for reading my novel!! Aren't you glad it wasn't in an email? ;)

You know you love me! 

Monday, February 9, 2009


Welcome back, and welcome to the club, newbies! We're very excited for this semester!

As a reminder, the deadline for club dues is this week (by Wednesday evening's practice at 9pm in UREC).

Thanks everyone!