Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Treasurer Duties

Ok, so if you are interested in being treasurer here is all the info you might need. If you are a reasonably organized person then this is your job. If you are unorganized, scatter brained or can't manage your own money... you may want to look into another position. Being treasurer requires a lot of attention to detail because you are working with money...that is not yours. It is not very hard, once you get the hang of things, but is VERY time consuming. Here are some things you should expect to do:

- develop a plan and tentative budget with the rest of EXEC that you think will cover needs of the team for semester (i.e. costume needs, misc. needs, etc)

-fine tune the budget so that your expenses and approximate expenditures are all laid out for yourself and the rest of exec to refer to throughout the semester

- collect and keep track of dues... this includes depositing all money to bank, keeping track of who paid and tracking those down who didn't pay

-submit budgets to UREC on a monthly basis outlining expenditures of that month

- fill out forms for UREC regarding money requests from UREC account (lots of forms!)

- help heads obtain costumes by giving them a certain amount of money to work with and then submit their forms to UREC for purchase or go shopping with them using the Wachovia account

-run lots of errands gathering misc. items that are needed for team... this especially happens during the beginning and end of each semester when little things are needed

-work with Derek at SOS to design uniforms and team apparel... you design items with him, order them, pay him and pick up the merchandise

-keep track of the debit cards linked to the Wachovia account... treasurer and president are the only two people on exec authorized on the account


This may seem like a lot, but it is manageable. It is just like having another checking account of your own to keep track of. This job involves a lot of behind the scenes work, but is still just as demanding and important as the rest of exec. I really enjoyed my position this year!! I will be here next year and will gladly help whoever comes next. Being on exec is a great way to get more involved with the team and if you are interested you should go for it!!

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