Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Vice Presidential Duties

If you are thinking about running for vice president, I suggest you read the following to understand what you will be responsible for and what will be expected of you if you are elected into the position. There are several responsibilities, but I have honestly enjoyed my position and my involvement in MDC. Running for any position will require a time commitment, but if you love the club and want to be involved I really recommend it.

Some of the VP responsibilities include:

-Interacting with, consulting with, and helping all other exec members regarding team projects, events, and decisions.

-Keeping a record of all team events and member participation, then recording that information and sending it to UREC staff monthly

-Coordinating all community service events for team. this involves:
-finding community service opportunities
-contacting community service organizations and scheduling events
-communicating about events to team members
-keeping track of what events are completed and who they are completed by
-sending records of community service to urec, writing a short summary of events at end of semester

-Bringing food drive items (from the recital) to the salvation army/goodwill

-Attending meetings with UREC, filling in for Rachel if she can't

-Meeting with other exec members

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